What I love most about the Japanese knives

What I love most about the Japanese, is that they love their culture and they are never ashamed to show it to the rest of the world. While the Japanese culture has greatly evolved over the years from the country’s prehistoric period to the recent times of the modern western culture, the western world of Asia, Europe and North American are still fascinated with the Japanese first images of the ancient samurai warriors, Japanese tea ceremony and Japanese gardens.
All these left lasting impressions in the minds of people. You’ll agree with me that even up to now, their etiquette in society in terms of language, manners, customs and protocol, it’s still a contemporary issue among them. One of the key areas where their customs and protocol is pronounced, is the kitchen. You’ll love the Japanese chef knives!

Full of diverse designs, and materials of traditional Japanese knives. What’s surprising is the fact that each of the available design and material is meant for a specific purpose but some are multi-purpose. Also their design is based on classes. There are two basic classes known as the kasumi and honyaki. KASUMI knives are liked most because they are easy to maintain. They are made from a high steel carbon material known as “hagane” and another soft iron material called” jigane”.

These materials are fused together and essentially they’re the best for making that type of knife. There also other types of Japanese knives forexample the one I first used was called santoku – meaning three virtues.

This knife is used for cutting meat, vegetables and fish. The most notable feature about the knife is that it’s a double -level bladed knife. Deba is also another type of knife which is very thick and it’s known for filleting fish.

We both know that there’ s no major distinction between the Japanese kitchen knives and the western kitchen knives in the way they are used to perfom their tasks , but the concept of culture is what makes them different

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How Do You Pick A Good Juicer?

Finding one that fits all your requirements!

There are currently more than a hundred different types of juicers in the market as of today, with the amount increasing as the days go by. Finding one that fits all your requirements can be an extremely tedious task, but now that you are relying on the internet for information, I have to say, you are reading the best article there is! This guide will list all the factors you need to assess to get the juicer that is perfect for all your needs! For more depth information about juicer reviews do check eurojuices as it consists of useful information and tips as well as reviews about juicers.

good juicer

The first thing you’ll need to check is what kind of juicer you want. I’ll explain in case you don’t know. There are 2 types of juicers, centrifugal and masticating. The first one is the most common type, and blends the fruits at a really high speed. The other, however, slowly masticates the vegetables and fruits so that they don’t lose their nutrients. Choose what’s best for your everyday blending.

The second thing you need to assess is your budget. You always need to make sure that you get a bang out of your buck, or juice out of your carrot in this case. Good juicers start for more than $200, while others are cheaper but less efficient. It is generally recommended that you have a budget greater than a $100, because in less, you only get cheap ones that will last you no longer than one or two months.

The third one is the noise. I’ll be completely frank with you; masticating juicers win in this regard. Centrifugal juicers are noisy because of their quick action on the fruit, while masticating ones are not because of this slow movement and blending speed, which brings us to our next factor:

The fourth is the speed. Speed varies for both types of juicers, and centrifugal ones win in this factor. They are extremely fast and can make more than 5 cups in a minute, while masticating juicers make 1 cup in a minute or so. This is important for people who have to make many glasses of juice for the whole family or don’t have much time on their hands, and that brings us to our last factor.

The last one is the cleaning requirements. Now to be completely honest with you, juicers are messy machines. They get dirty very quickly and if not cleaned and maintained daily, can result in a great mess in your kitchen. There isn’t any winner in this regard, but make sure to get a juicer that has the ability to snap its parts apart and can be cleaned with minimal effort.

Tips on choosing good juicer

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The Best Manual Espresso Machine Available On The Market

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence – Vince Lombardi

This quote truly goes for the Espresso lovers who like perfection in every sip of their Espresso. Perfection can be pulled off with the best manual espresso machine which pulls the perfect espresso shot. They produce premium quality espresso, which cannot be matched by any other variant. They do require skill to properly handle them, but the once you gain the command, then you can really produce the best flavored Espresso shots.

The manual espresso machines are great to use and allow the user to fully control each step of the brewing process. After doing a thorough research, we came across the top models available in the market and they are as follows:

Aerobie Aeropress Espresso MakerThis coffee is for the makers who like the hands on approach to coffee. You can filter out the coffee through the filter paper as it sits on the top of the cup.

This machine is non-electrical and relies only on manual pressure and hot water.

ROK Espresso Maker – It is one of the best designed manual espresso machines available in the market. This machine is compact and elegant which enhances the beauty of your kitchen. It comes in a metal container, complete with stainless steel milk brother. It just requires grinded coffee beans and hot water and it gets ready to go.

MiniPresso GR Espresso MakerThis easy to carry espresso maker is a delight for the travelers who like their coffee on the go. To extract the perfect flavor, this machine uses a bicycle pump which puts the hot water through the coffee. While travelling the user can compress the pump and pack it along which gives a modern feel to the Espresso maker.

Here’s a quick Video That’s worth every espresso maniacs’ time

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The Manual Espresso Machine That Changed My Life

Ok. Now that you’re here, let me tell you, the title was pure click-bait. The article won’t be like the cheesy ones that go like ‘I used to get scolded everyday by my boss, but since I bought this machine, he now compliments me every day.’ The machine I am going to recommend you is good, efficient and hefty in the price, and that’s it. No BS (if you know what that means), no fake claims and no call-to-action. So now that you know everything, let’s get into the details. Oh right! I forgot to tell you, the espresso maker we are talking about today is the La Pavoni PC-16 Professional Espresso Machine.

Perfection Has A Muse And,  This Manual Espresso Machine Is Just It

The machine is the real deal, both in price and in style. It looks like a microscope at first sight, so search it on the internet if you think I’m just blabbering nonsense. But the best function about this manual espresso machine is its flexibility. No, it doesn’t mean that it will bend and not break easily; I mean that it has a ton full of options. It comes with all the supplies required, ranging from filters to cleaning equipment, and operates on a voltage of 120V. It also looks professional and does the work professionally. The base is made of chrome, and looks pretty attractive if you ask me, and features a great steaming mechanism for people who are new to making cappuccinos. I tested it, believe me. And the results are beyond impressive.

The Shots Of Espresso Felt Like Jolts Of Electricity Running Through My Veins

The coffee is top-notch, and the froth is beyond amazing. Drinking it makes you feel like you are in Hell’s kitchen, which is good, maybe. The action is pretty simple. Let it heat, pour the milk and coffee beans, and let the espresso maker brew and do all the work. But for those who still don’t get it, an instruction manual and DVD comes right out of the box, so you will learn to use it like a pro in no time.

An Visionary In A Class Of Its Own

The only criticism I have is its price. Sure it is amazing, but you can find a super-automatic machine in the same price range, which is a dream for coffee lovers. But, if you like it, you are not restricted in any way to get one. Another thing is that it is not a good choice for a company machine, as it takes a lot of time to cool down.

So, if you ask for a conclusion, the machine is great, but the price and heating issues intrude. If you think you just need to make one cup at a time, then go on and buy it!

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