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Several different filtration systems are available depending on your needs. Low-cost, ceramic, bucket systems, portable roll bags for camping or hiking, and our new versatile Homespun water filter that can be used as a straw, with a drinking bottle, in line with a hydration pack, or in a bucket system. Our pre-drilled ceramic filter bucket systems are drilled off center to allow for more system configuration flexibility for the end user. It provides the exact same performance and exterior look but allows for up to three filters to be fit into the bucket instead of just a single one in the center.
NOTICE: Due to legal ambiguity in certain statutes in Iowa we are suspending shipments there pending further notice. We regret the inconvenience this may cause.
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4x4 "Dome" Filter (BC-0103)
Our Price: $16.75

Standard 4x4 replacement filter for gravity drip and pressurized systems.   Contains activated carbon.
Emergency Water Kit (BC-0102)
Our Price: $25.00

Our top selling item! This DIY emergency water filter kit comes with a 0,2 micron 98% nominal (0.5 micron absolute) 4x4 ceramic filter cartridge, pre-filter sock, spigot, and siphon hose for use with natural water sources such as ponds or streams. It's wide range of water sources, simple technology, and low cost make it a very popular item for emergency preparedness. For folks living in hurricane prone areas this is excellent gear to have on hand.
The kit is shipped with instructions for installing in a bucket drip system but can be customized to just about anything. (See our technical notes section for other applications and installation ideas.)
Replacement filter part number: BC-0103
Gravity Fed Water Filtration System (SK-1001)
Our Price: $41.75

All the needed materials to construct a basic gravity fed drip system: 2 pre-drilled, food grade buckets with lids, ceramic filter (either regular or viral reduction), spigot, siphon, and sock. (Filter mounting is offset to allow for the addition of one or two more filters if desired.)

Use to make potable water 'off the grid' or to have as an emergency water kit 'just in case'. (30,000 of these systems were shipped into Haiti after the earthquake there, and 10,000 were shipped to Japan after the tsunami. In both instances bottled water was hard to find and expensive.)

The buckets are bulky and expensive to ship hence this product does not qualify for free shipping (shipping charge is calculated separately on the checkout page). If you can drill a few holes in plastic you can lower your costs significantly buying just our 'emergency kits' (BC-0102 or BC-0502) and sourcing buckets locally.

NOTE: The buckets are pre-drilled but the kit requires some assembly by the end user. (Assembly instructions are provided)
Hanging Water Bag (TK-1001)
Our Price: $45.00

Ceramic filters in a small, collapsible package with excellent flow rates make this great gear for extended back country hiking and lakeside camping! Provides plenty of water for all your drinking, cooking, and washing needs!

This hanging water bag contains two ceramic filter cartridges and pre-filter socks in the bottom of a 3 gallon bag. Ceramic pores strain out bacteria, activated charcoal treats for a broad spectrum of chemical pollutants (agricultural run-off, boating oils, etc). A flexible tube from the bottom of the bag is used to speed flow rates and direct the filtered water to your containers.

The unit can work on any fresh water source and requires no assembly. Flow rates of over 5 gallons/hour once the filters are saturated. Bags come in Camo (shown), Black, and Dark Blue. The entire kit rolls up into a compact package less than a foot long and 6 inches in diameter.

Replacment filter part number: TK-1021
Hanging Water Bag Replacement Filter Set (TK-1021)
Our Price: $20.00

This is the replacement filter set for the hanging water bag (part number TK-1001)    It consists of a set of two 3x5 ceramic filters with activated carbon..
Homespun Group Water Section (HS-0101)
Our Price: $30.00

How much water do you need?   This simple scalable kit allows construction of large group sized water systems.  If one kit is not enough you can easily install a second, third, or fourth (or more) in parallel to increase flow rates.
Homespun Water Filter Kit (HS-0102)
Our Price: $70.00

Brand New Product! A Homespun Environmental exclusive. This versatile DIY water filter kit provides the capability to replace the chemical media pouch to provide better value for long term system use and will withstand rough handling. The Sawyer mini provides 0.1 micron absolute filtration. Removes chemicals and bacteria to create potable water from fresh water sources such as rivers and ponds. Comes with assembly instructions for installing in a bucket system but is highly configurable to other needs.

Made in USA

Replacement chemical pouch part number is HS-0103
Homespun Water Filter Media (HS-0103)
Our Price: $15.00

Replacement pouch for the Homespun Water Filter Kit
Hydration Pack Bladder Assembly (TK-2021)
Our Price: $30.00

Retrofit Bladder insert with ceramic water filter to upgrade existing water packs.

Replacement filter part number:  BC-0601
Silver Streak Water Filter System (SS-1001)
Our Price: $159.00

New Product! This stainless steel counter top water filter system combines the same great water filtering capabilities of the viral reduction ceramic water filters with great looking, low maintenance, stainless steel containers.
Replacement filter part number: BC-0503
US Made 4x4 "Dome" Filter (BC-0503)
Our Price: $26.75

This is the replacement filter for our US Made filter kit (part number BC-0502).  It is also used in gravity drip buckets and barter systems.  

The ceramic dome filter has internal media with anti-viral properties as well as chemical removal.   It also reduces flouride.

0.5 micron absolute pore size (nominal 0.2 micron at 98%) , silver impregnated ceramic to inhibit bacterial growth.

Made in USA
US Made Filter Kit (BC-0502)
Our Price: $35.00

Purifier Kit -  This kit has a 4x4 filter with the same ceramic shell as the emergency water kit but a different internal media load that eliminates virus.  To differentiate between the two the anti viral purifier has a blue base plate.

The kit comes with the same accessories as the emergency water kit (pre-filter sock, spigot, and siphon tube).

Made in USA

The kit comes with instructions for mounting in a dual bucket gravity drip system but can be installed in just about anything.

Replacement filter part number: BC-0503
Water Barter Kit (SK-1003)
Our Price: $90.00

A Very Unique Product!
This kit is designed to provide water for small group preparedness or use to barter for goods and services you lack. It can produce 100 gallons or more of water per day (depending on the siphon height and/or how much air pressure is applied). Source water can be freshwater ponds, lakes, streams, or rivers.
Bucket is pre-drilled to fit three 4x4 ceramic filter cartridges. Comes with Gamma Seal lid , schrader valve, optional pre-filter socks and 6 foot siphons. The system can be hung from the bucket handle with siphons feeding into a receiving container or it can also be mounted on a stand.
You will need to supply your own air pressure pump. (45 psi is max recommended operating pressure)