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Homespun Environmental

Homespun Environmental is a niche store specializing in practical water filter components and kits for the DIYer. This allows our customers to realize substantial savings over factory made systems that many of our competitors offer and also allows for a high degree of customization based on specific needs and local conditions.

We are an American small business based in North Texas. We strive to create win-win solutions for ourselves, our customers, small independent business partners, and the communities in which we do business. Our ethics are what some would call 'old fashioned' in this day of high tech marketing and customer data mining. We do a little advertising to draw in "new blood" but rely primarily on word of mouth from our satisfied customers.

Our primary market is US families who wish to be able to cope with short term infrastructure outages and natural disasters. We also serve the 'prepper' community that is gearing up for longer and more severe 'grid down' situations and the public chaos that would create.

Alongside the US domestic market we consider it a great privilege to serve church groups that are working on the international mission field. We offer personal filtration equipment to keep team members from getting sick during a trip and our systems can be used in mission schools, orphanages, and medical ministry efforts. Many find that our gear is low enough in cost that it can also be distributed as part of outreach and relief for individual families in a community.

For every 4x4 filter that is sold on this site a dollar is donated to Christian based disaster relief. For more information see: These funds have helped disaster relief volunteers prepare for and respond to floods, wildfires, tornadoes, ice storms, and hurricanes all across the US, primarily by fielding chainsaw, mudout, and feeding crews.