Kitchen Knife Ratings

I love using the Joseph Joseph Lock Block knives. I just love them. They’re made in Japan so you know they’re quality made and I love that they’re made out of stainless steel. The blade is extremely sharp and it cuts trough everything with great ease. Whether it’s hard red meat like a cured ham or something soft like a fresh tomato they cut precise like a surgical knife.

You get a chefs, carving, bread, serrated, paring and a Santoku knife in the set. That’s basically all the knives you’ll ever need no matter what you do in the kitchen. Even if you’re a professional chef. Trust me, I’ve gone through tonnes of kitchen knife set ratings and I know my stuff.

Let Me Rate These Kitchen Knives For You

They also have a really soft handle and they fit really nicely in your hand. And you can tell they’re made of premium materials. I have 2 small kids and I’m always worried about leaving the knives outside in front of the children. Especially when we’re not at home. And that’s the best thing about these knives. They have a block that’s color coded for every knife and it’s totally child proof so this gives me a piece of mind. They are a bit pricey but I think it’s well worth it.

Expensive Set Knives

I have bought cheep generic knives before but when you invest a bit in a more expensive set like this one is worth every penny. You get more efficient in the kitchen and you start enjoying cooking even more.

Long Lasting Kitchen Knives To The Rescue

And the best thing about is that these knives will probably last us a lifetime so it really pays off. If you like the idea of this block to keep away the knives from the children you can actually buy it separately. I personally think it’s a great investment since it’s not that much money but imagine what can happen if the children get their little hands on them!

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