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There are currently more than a hundred different types of juicers in the market as of today, with the amount increasing as the days go by. Finding one that fits all your requirements can be an extremely tedious task, but now that you are relying on the internet for information, I have to say, you are reading the best article there is! This guide will list all the factors you need to assess to get the juicer that is perfect for all your needs! For more depth information about juicer reviews do check eurojuices as it consists of useful information and tips as well as reviews about juicers.

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The first thing you’ll need to check is what kind of juicer you want. I’ll explain in case you don’t know. There are 2 types of juicers, centrifugal and masticating. The first one is the most common type, and blends the fruits at a really high speed. The other, however, slowly masticates the vegetables and fruits so that they don’t lose their nutrients. Choose what’s best for your everyday blending.

The second thing you need to assess is your budget. You always need to make sure that you get a bang out of your buck, or juice out of your carrot in this case. Good juicers start for more than $200, while others are cheaper but less efficient. It is generally recommended that you have a budget greater than a $100, because in less, you only get cheap ones that will last you no longer than one or two months.

The third one is the noise. I’ll be completely frank with you; masticating juicers win in this regard. Centrifugal juicers are noisy because of their quick action on the fruit, while masticating ones are not because of this slow movement and blending speed, which brings us to our next factor:

The fourth is the speed. Speed varies for both types of juicers, and centrifugal ones win in this factor. They are extremely fast and can make more than 5 cups in a minute, while masticating juicers make 1 cup in a minute or so. This is important for people who have to make many glasses of juice for the whole family or don’t have much time on their hands, and that brings us to our last factor.

The last one is the cleaning requirements. Now to be completely honest with you, juicers are messy machines. They get dirty very quickly and if not cleaned and maintained daily, can result in a great mess in your kitchen. There isn’t any winner in this regard, but make sure to get a juicer that has the ability to snap its parts apart and can be cleaned with minimal effort.

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