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The "Do It Yourself" Water Filter Store

Below are a few pictures that illustrate how our modular ceramic filter cartridges work and how they can be used to customize systems for specific needs and conditions. (See technical notes at left for more details).

Our filters have been widely used by NGOs and missionary groups throughout the world as a low cost. effective solution for disaster relief situations. They have proven themselves in some of the toughest water conditions imaginable. just think what they can do for you, right here at home.

---Rustic Living---
A lot of folks have remote cabins that are not tied into municipal water lines. The water sources can be wells, natural lakes & streams, or rain catchment systems. Our ceramic filters are an excellent way to filter this water simply with minimal set up or maintenance costs

---Emergency Situations---
Municipal water supplies can fail due to:
- Pipeline breaks (aging infrastructure and tight city budgets are a bad mix...)
- Contamination ("Boil water before use" notices from your water company)
- Widespread disasters (flooding and hurricanes can knock out water supplies)
You hope it never happens but it is always good to have a back up plan just in case. Our filters give you the ability to make your own water. This is a great addition to your emergency preparations alongside the weather radio, flashlights, and first aid kit.

--- Crafts/Hobbies---
Home brewers & aquarium owners have need of very clean water and have found ceramic water filters helpful in their endeavors The ability to buy individual components and DIY custom systems at prices much lower than the specialty stores is a key advantage.

---Back Country Trekking---
In some situations there is no potable water source available. Wilderness camping, hunting stands, and off trail hiking are examples. Bottled water is heavy and bulky to pack in. Critters put "stuff" in the water that you really don't want to drink... if bears go in the woods, where do you think fish go??? Some of it is just unpleasant to think about, but some of it can make you sick. Our filters give you the ability to use water from local lakes and streams providing an excellent win-win solution; you don't have to haul in water and you don't risk getting sick either. (Our hanging water bag filters roll up into a compact package perfect for hiking and camping trips.)

Storing water for survival situations is bulky and it is difficult to tell when you have stored up enough. Each of our filters is able to supply as much water as a family needs for a full 6 months from just about any kind of fresh water source (as our real world disaster relief experience has proven). In roughly the same space it takes to store 10 gallons of water you can cache enough filters to provide clean water for your family for 10 years!
The basic idea of this filter is extremely simple and it takes no power to operate. You can construct your
own basic water treatment system in a few minutes with our emergency water kit and a couple of buckets
The components are also available as stand alone items and can be built into a variety of filtration system configurations to fit specific needs. See our technical notes page for details.
Simple, effective, low cost, and proven in extremely tough conditions. You will not find a better value in water
filtration than right here.

(SP-101G) Sawyer 0.1 Mini (BC-0102) Emergency Water Kit
Our Price: $20.00
Our Price: $25.00
New Product! Excellent biological/bacterial filter with 0.1 micron absolute filter rating. The Sawyer Mini filter is great for everything from camping with the kids to traveling abroad where tap and bottle water cannot be trusted.

The versatile design allows for it to be used with standard plastic drinking bottles, attached in line with hydration packs, or used with the included 16 oz squeeze pouch.... and in a small package that easily fits in your pocket, travel luggage, or "go" bag.
Our top selling item! This DIY emergency water filter kit comes with a 0,2 micron 98% nominal (0.5 micron absolute) 4x4 ceramic filter cartridge, pre-filter sock, spigot, and siphon hose for use with natural water sources such as ponds or streams. It's wide range of water sources, simple technology, and low cost make it a very popular item for emergency preparedness. For folks living in hurricane prone areas this is excellent gear to have on hand.
The kit is shipped with instructions for installing in a bucket drip system but can be customized to just about anything. (See our technical notes section for other applications and installation ideas.)
Replacement filter part number: BC-0103